How Business Process Consultants Can Help

Handling a business requires precise synchronisation between various business processes like production, logistics, inventory management, marketing and sales, etc. This task is getting further complicated because of the rising complexities of business models. By having an expert business process consultant on your side you can adequately mitigate these complexities.

By having a business process consultant, you can gain an outsider’s perspective. This is important because many times we are too close to the problem to understand it and find a solution. An expert business process consultant could bring fresh perspectives to the table and redefine and improvise your business processes.

Map Existing Processes Accurately

By using systematic and reliable tools and techniques, business process experts conduct a thorough analysis of your existing processes to map them accurately. These business process maps will reveal how you are currently operating as a business entity, how well-defined your processes and operations are, how robust they are to achieve the operational objectives, and how much aligned they are with your business goals and strategies.

For business process mapping, basic tools used are flowcharts, swimlane diagrams, state diagrams, and data flow diagrams along with value stream mapping diagrams. These tools help in creating accurate and same-for-all business process maps for all process stakeholders.

Make Existing Processes more Efficient by Identifying Loopholes and Making Improvisations

 After mapping the processes accurately, business process experts will be able to identify the loopholes (if any) in your processes and will help you in making the necessary improvements.

By using their experience and expertise and with the help of the right tools and techniques, these experts can quickly identify the areas where your processes are off the mark. This entails close examination and assessments which will further involve coordination with your employees. Because employees carry out the processes and operations, they can provide valuable inputs for business process improvements.

Find Scope of Automation

Automation in business processes helps in eliminating human errors and can also make the processes more effective and efficient. The process consultants will help you in identifying the scope of automation in various business processes like production, inventory management, supply chain and logistics management and customer relationship management. With the use of automation technologies, valuable man-hours can be saved and be used in other critical areas of business.

For example, an ERP application can accelerate the operations of a department by routing information to the correct person at the correct time through predefined rules and actions.

Become a Process-driven Enterprise with SOPs

Being process-driven is critical for any organization – business or non-business. The advantage it lends is that you know how your departments are functioning – following predefined roadmaps. Because these roadmaps are planned and designed after careful functional and organizational level deliberations, nothing is left to subjectivity or bias in terms of the flow of work. And a critical tool in this pursuit is SOP.

An SOP is nothing but a well-documented action plan of doing things in a step-by-step manner to achieve a predefined objective. At the end of the day, all the SOPs of a business entity are interconnected for functional reasons. Here are a few generic examples. The HR manager will approve the salary bill and pass on to the finance manager. The inventory manager will forward his manpower requirements to the HR manager. The marketing manager will take feedback from the inventory manager regarding the quality of goods supplied by a new vendor. These SOPs serve as an operational roadmap for the employees.

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