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If yours is a company that utilizes SAP, then SAP automation can be the key to unlocking the best potential of your SAP system. We are well-versed with the advantages of automation. It not only rules out manual tasks but also ensures that the resources invested in those tasks are invested in a better way. 

By automating the routine tasks, you can automate the repetitive tasks and reduce errors. However, when you have so many options it could be difficult to gauge the starting point. In this article, we shall understand the different types of SAP automation and why Business Process Xperts can be the solution you are looking for.

What is SAP Process Automation Architecture?

SAP Process Automation is an elaborate and expansive solution that guarantees three primary functions:  

  • Create automation
  • Run automation
  • Control automation

The SAP RPA tool works with these functions by offering a cloud solution that also includes on-premise automation tools. SAP RPA allows the users to conduct automation and also monitor it in real time.

To understand the architecture, we can state that it is composed of three main components:

  1. SAP Build Process Automation
  2. SAP Process Automation Cloud
  3. SAP Intelligent RPA

From order fulfillment and credit approvals to invoice processing, the SAP Process Automation Architecture can be used to automate a wide variety of important processes. Besides, the system also works to enhance the efficiency and performance of the business. If your company is looking for compliance solutions, SAP Process Automation can be a diligent partner to take care of the latest regulations and their compliance. 

Apart from the benefits mentioned, it also plays a crucial role in cutting down the costs for organizations. By automating relevant tasks, it saves manual labor and strives to improve the return on investments for businesses of all sizes.

SAP RPA Architecture SAP Automation
SAP RPA Architecture

What is a SAP Authorized Partner?

Authorized SAP Partner is a company that has been granted certification from SAP owing to its competency and experience using the SAP system. These companies can offer services to other businesses of any size to get the most out of their SAP investment. 

SAP authorized companies can introduce the core concepts of SAP and its functionalities to businesses that aim to derive efficiency. To become a SAP-certified partner, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a team of experts who are certified SAP consultants
  • Have a proven track record of success in selling  and supporting SAP solutions
  • Have a strong and loyal customer base

Business Process Xperts, having fulfilled all the mentioned points above, can help you overcome your challenges in getting the best out of your SAP system.

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Why BPX for Automation Services?

Having learned about the importance of a SAP-authorized partner, let us understand why choosing BPX can be a game-changer.

Experience and expertise

BPX has years of experience in providing automation services to businesses across the globe. They have a deep understanding of the processes and the latest technologies and trends. BPX has a proven track record of successful stints in helping businesses to automate their processes. In other terms, they have steered businesses toward newer heights of growth and efficiency.

A comprehensive range of services

BPX offers a comprehensive range of automation services. This includes process mapping, process automation, workflow automation, and so on. This implies that they offer a one-stop solution for all automation needs of businesses.

Customer-centric approach

BPX is extremely particular about meeting its customer requirements. This also includes automation services. Working closely with the customers, BPX gets a clear understanding of their needs to develop customized automation solutions.

Competitive Pricing

BPX offers a whole range of automation services at a competitive price. Also, the company offers different purchase plans to fulfill the needs of different businesses.


The different SAP Process automation features can be stated as follows:

  • Robotics Process Automation: This feature enables the users to automate repetitive functions. Businesses usually have a lot of data entry work that can be automated. Besides that, jobs like data extraction and report generation can also be automated.
  • Decision Management: As the name goes, the feature assists the users in the process of effective decision-making. It is a crucial feature that aids processes such as order fulfillment and approvals.
  • Workflow Management: This feature allows the users to create and control the automated workflows. Certain tasks like approval processes and routing are included under this category.
  • Process Visibility: This is a feature that conclusively provides the users with real-time insights. It lets them know about the recent developments and updates and the current status of the processes.
  • Embedded AI: This is a significant feature of the system that empowers users to leverage AI to automate their tasks. Documentation is one task where this feature can be especially useful.

Apart from these tasks, SAP process automation can also be critical in areas such as order fulfillment, credit approval, invoice processing, and human resources management.

Yes, the processes can be automated in SAP. There are various ways to achieve this. 

  •  Robotic Process Automation: RPA tools can be very useful in automating tasks in SAP. There are many usual and mundane tasks that can be easily and safely automated. 
  • SAP Business Process Management (BPM): SAP BPM provides us with a set of tools that are designed to implement and manage business processes. SAP BPM supports a number of features that support automation. It includes workflow management, decision management, and process visibility.
  • Custom-developed automation solutions: SAP has built-in scripting languages. These languages can play a pivotal role in developing customized automation solutions.

While there are ample ways, SAP BPM is the recommended tool to automate processes.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is the process of using software systems or robots to automate repetitive actions in SAP applications. These robots are adept at mimicking human actions and can competently complete tasks such as extracting data, data entry work, and so on.

The process of RPA usually involves the following stages;

  • Identification of the tasks: This is the first step and here, the repetitive task is identified. These time-consuming tasks are then automated.
  • Record the tasks: This step involves recording the steps involved in the task that is to be automated. Once the task is identified, their steps are manually written down or recorded using a screen recorder.
  • Develop the RPA robot: The next stage is to develop the RPA robot. In this process, there is a series of steps created that the robot follows to complete the task. Businesses can use a variety of RPA tools to develop the robot.
  • Testing and deploying the RPA robot: Once the robot is developed, it is time to test it for its efficiency. After a thorough monitoring and testing of its functionality, the robot then moves forward for deployment.

SAP RPA is more of a tool from the house of SAP RPA Partner. It offers software to take care of repetitive tasks. It is an automation solution that can help experts and beginners alike in creating robots to automate manual tasks.

To automate tasks, the usual steps that are followed include the following:

  • recognition of the tasks
  • recording their steps
  • developing RPA, and 
  • deploying it. 

A SAP RPA developer can adeptly assist you in getting through with the process. Once the RPA is created and deployed, it can successfully complete the automation of tasks. This is a significant step for businesses as the daily and mundane tasks are now automated. This reduces errors and increases efficiency.

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