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Our strong principles, openness in culture & an agile way of thinking & working, facilitate strong spirit of service & process driven approach to our clients !
We are a management consulting firm specialized in development of SOPs.
We have developed SOPs for companies from varied industry types, ranging from automobile to engineering, banks to financial institutions & from corporate to conglomerate.
We imbibe our out-of-the-box thinking and exceptionally varied problem-solving techniques which help us in seeing things differently. This broad perspective helps us in consulting, developing agile SOPs, building implementable solutions & designing forward going strategies for our clients.
We rejoice divergence in consulting methodologies, our clientele, the industries that we serve & our processes. We believe in going that extra mile for our clients which will leave none of the stone unturned.
We embrace avery starata of client’s orgnization, impower & direct people to include system and processes.
Business Management Expert
We are a global firm encompassing passionate intellectuals driven to change, do things differently & derive positive results from every action planned & implemented. Our team is trained to customize & develop solutions best fit for the organization, not only considering existing scenarios but also anticipating the change for future.
Each day we brainstorm, build on new improvised ways, originate working methodologies, devise growth plan and deliver strategies for organized & structured way of working.
At BPX, we talk processes for a chat, we walk processes for a stroll and we eat processes for breakfast! Be it process creation, to process implementation, to process outsourcing, to process documentation, to process automation. We can do everything in process for you! Whether a company needs an organized approach & upgrade their existing way of working or they need a structure to be defined for their new wing or idea, we can help in designing & documenting the most methodical approach!


We are because of our people! Our robust team of professionals, engineers, MBAs, financial experts & process consultants strive to explore the best solution for our clients. Being a part of the organization, our team excels not only in passion but also in their commitment to the clients. Our people are our partners in business, partner in every step the company takes & are responsible for the way company is progressing.
Our team is focussed & head-strong towards their goals. We are proud to create leaders, create consultants with exceptional perseverance & commendable dedication. The actions they demonstrate speak louder than the words they express. Our clients speak volumes about the approach our team.
With pride we vouch on our team for the simplest to the most complicated project handling, from the coolest to the trickiest client handling & from the best of the team handling. It’s the team who live together to work together.
The leadership qualities depicted by the team from the junior most team member to the senior most leader leaves us full of satisfaction. It is always encouraging to see that the culture of teamwork & togetherness is seeping through deep till the roots of the organization. It builds stronger courage & commitment to build better & create more and more opportunities for all.

Nikhil Agarwal

Chief Operations Officer
A calm & composed personality! He has accomplished his MBA (International Business & Finance) from United Kingdom. “SOP” as a service was his brain child. His studies gave us the confidence of developing SOPs & since then he has mastered the art. His patience and perseverance help us deal with the most complicated operations and his positive attitude gives us the far-sightedness. In all, technically challenging enough to make YRC the first choice for our “SOP Designing” services.

Dr. Rupal Shah Agarwal

Chief Strategy Officer
She is the one with a magnetic charisma inspiring devotion in others. She is a proud homeopath by qualification. Being people’s person, she has always loved understanding the psychology & behaviors of individuals around her. Being quick & confident, she has the pace to drive everybody in the organization. Her “Everything is possible” attitude helps the organization achieve the impossible. With her straightforward approach, she aims towards augmenting the organizational growth.

Varun Shah

Chief Finance Officer
You can grab his attention the moment you talk about “Warren Buffet”. He has pursued his Chartered Accountancy which developed his love for the “positive” numbers. His analytic skills help us evaluate the best amongst the worst bets. He knows “What not to do” with money which is an eye-opener for our clients. Numbers being his first best friend, he manages the number game right from evaluation to valuation.

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BPX Values

BPX Values

Live by our principles, in the company, with the team, with our clients.
We observe highest standards of business morals & truthfulness. Our roots are engraved in 2012 when the company started with an idea. Since then, every person entering our office has been rigorously trained for the principles first and then the skill sets.
BPX Values
BPX is known to hire for attitude & ethics. Our criteria of selecting a vendor, partnering with an organization or a tie-up with an associate remains ethics first.
Our entire team follow & depict the highest level of morals & code of ethics while their interactions between the teams as well as whilst communicating with the client.
These morals & ethics connect us & help us remain bonded in the best of the highs & the lowest of the lows. We ensure & achieve these tensile relationships with our clients as well as our associates.

BPX Culture

We work in an “OPEN” culture within outside. Every team member within the organization have been given the freedom & ownership to voice their opinions & implement their ideas. This continues to our clients where we are undeniably receptive to their feedback & extremely agile to our way of working.
We know it’s more than just building a convergent team, its building bonds! This freedom in culture helps in building multi-cultural bonds & a community that can together make a difference!
We nurture young minds, foster their ideas, shape up their beliefs & build the culture which brings in affinity & compassion for every individual attached with the organization.
BPX Culture
As freedom of thoughts run in the culture of BPX, so does the freedom in work. Team members work in their comfort so work becomes quality & client service comes naturally.
We strongly follow the principle of CLIENT – COMPANY – YOU. Client undoubtedly becomes your first priority, company comes the next.As we exist because of our clients, we stand strong because of our clients & we are a company for our clients.
You are at the last but not the least. We firmly believe in imparting utmost importance without forgetting the fact that we exist because of our clients & for our Company!
BPX can truly be a place where each one can be oneself & enjoy their work by carving their niche, working their panache & build meaningful processes!

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