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Quality Management System (QMS) is the “management foundation” of every organization.QMS will yield you with a set of process manuals, policies, templates, etc., all of these in more or less manual forms or in visio/ word/ excel/ PPT form. In order to ensure the finest implementation of these processes defined during QMS consulting, they must be linked with business software or ERP or any other application where tracking is system-driven.

Quality Management Systems without Business Process Management is like a carpenter with a blunt axe

Business Process Management

Optimizing and automating processes for system-driven tracking becomes possible with BPM consulting services. At BPX, we not only help in BPM consulting, but also help in implementation of the same by integrating it with the BPM Software. BPM for tracking quality systems is the most important tool for ensuring QMS is implemented with accuracy, without dependency on people for the same.

BPX Team of Experts along with BPM consulting helps in integrating processes either with the existing BPM software or suggests the best suitable Business Process Management software companies as per the requirements of the client. BPX Team’s core objective is to integrate technology with QMS through BPM services, which makes it extremely robust, reliable, measurable smart.

The decision of integrating processes with the BPM Software is generally taken while the commencement of QMS consulting itself. As processes for every organization differs, so does their technological requirements. IT System Integration Process is customized & every process is logically drafted step-by-step. These processes are then mapped with the data points available in the organization. BPM has to be linked with their ERP System and other business software’s to pull out/ exchange data required for each process flow. Implementing Business Process Management System is a project in itself as it involves several activities linked with multiple cross-function stakeholders, facilitators; function heads CXO’s

Business Process Automation Involves the Following Steps:

1. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

It is a standard method in which the business processes are developed based on flow charting. The objective of BPMN is to make it simple to understand by technical as well as non-technical users, as flowcharts can define multiple activities of a process in a single screen & can capture multiple data point in a single row. BPMN is a common language between business analysts working on the project & the technical developers who would be integrating the same.
BPMN involves documenting the processes under the following elements:
System Integration

2. System Integration

System Integration not only helps in integrating application, systems & work- flows internally, but also connects externally to partner, solution providers & vendors, as required. This helps to alleviate customer experience & makes the businesses more efficient & innovative. System Integration enables workflow automation making interactions between the processes more target-driven. Critical compliance’s & operations can be synchronized with Business Process Management software to ensure the organization gets compliant & follows quality standards.

System Integration
Core business activities like marketing, sales, customer service, purchase, accounts etc. can all be linked so they can speak with each other & inter-dependent processes can be carried out smoothly. System Integration ensures company is focused towards their objective & the management hassles are minimized.

3. Bugs Testing

On integrating the workflows, the approval systems, the task management, the reporting i.e. the entire Quality Management System (QMS), we also ensures every process is accurately integrated leaving no bugs before the final roll out.
Business process Excellence can be achieved only after the complete roll- out of BPM.
Our BPM Consultants checks the following :
Bugs Testing
Numbers of tests are done for ensuring each of the above-mentioned objective match & we can deliver highest level of product at the time of BPM software roll-out.
BPM Implementation Roll Out

4. BPM Implementation Roll Out

As BPM consultants, wear also known for hand-holding the users & facility- tors for smooth implementation of BPM software, which makes BPX the first choice as business process management companies in India and across the globe.

Business Process Management System naturally will involve several hindrances as well as resistance. As Business Process Management consultants, we will ensure the stakeholders; SPOCs & team members of every function are well-trained on its application & benefits.

BPM Implementation Roll Out
Business Process Re-engineering includes use of technology by the people from top to bottom to ensure accountability and timely execution of processes.
Thus, BPM is the core of business process excellence and process quality improvement. BPM not only helps in executing the processes but also provides massive data which can be used for upgrading and improvising the processes.
“BPM system is not just software but it’s a culture that needs to be imbibed within the organization”

Business Process Management System (BPMS) Steps

Business Process Management System (BPMS) Steps
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