SAP Signavio Training


Why avail this training program?

Embrace the Power of ETL Tools with SAP Signavio

In today’s data-driven business landscape, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools have become indispensable for creating dynamic Business KPI Dashboards, facilitating effective monitoring, and ultimately, empowering informed decision-making. SAP Signavio, a leading solution in this space, offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that extend beyond SAP systems, enabling seamless integration with various legacy systems. By mastering Signavio and applying it within your organization, you can significantly enhance your ability to cater to diverse stakeholder needs within your ecosystem.

SAP Signavio can be an impactful ally when enterprises seek a smoother business workflow. 

With a rising need to remain ahead of the curve, holding expertise over an efficient tool like SAP Signavio has gained prominence. 

This page will showcase the transformative potential of SAP Signavio training and various aspects associated with it.

Benefits availed from SAP Signavio Training?

SAP understands and supports its customers’ endeavors of embarking on a transformation journey. Signavio is a tool that can pave the way forward for remarkable growth. Transformations can be difficult if undertaken without expert supervision by untrained staff. 

While there are various reasons to learn SAP Signavio and undertake the training, here are some of the significant aspects where taking up the training could be advantageous:

Obtain a firm hold on SAP Signavio:

Signavio is a critical tool deployed for excelling at business processes. Companies use it for process modeling, analysis, and process improvement. However, with its intricate features, it could leave you seeking the way forward. Training can help you to get a speedy understanding of the software and utilize its abilities.

SAP Signavio is an elaborate tool with astonishing features including Signavio Process Insights, Process Intelligence, and Process Manager, to name a few. The other modules – Journey Modeler, Process Governance, and Process Collaboration Hub also serve essential functions in the software.

Each of these modules or functionalities is capable of revamping the way the work is done. They can tremendously expedite and upgrade their corresponding areas of work.

To Improve Your Business Processes and Compliance:

SAP Signavio can be instrumental in letting you know the intricacies of business operations. It can also point out the inefficient processes. Getting formal training not only helps to understand the SAP Signavio features but also the way they can help you in improving the various aspects.

Apart from these elements, a lot of organizations are required to comply with certain mandatory regulations. Using Signavio tools efficiently can help them overcome the hassles of facing compliance issues. 

A hands-on experience with Signavio empowers individuals and organizations to utilize Signavio’s best practices.

Who can Avail of this Training?

SAP Signavio training can be availed of by a wide range of people. 

  • Organizations: Entire organizations aiming to integrate SAP Signavio for process modeling, analysis, and decision support can enroll their teams in training programs to establish a standardized and effective approach.
  • SAP Users: Organizations utilizing SAP systems can train their SAP users to proficiently employ Signavio for process documentation and enhancement.

SAP Partners: SAP partners can also avail SAP Signavio training to expand their expertise and provide valuable services to their clients in utilizing Signavio effectively.

Curriculum & Inclusions for SAP Signavio Training:

Unlock the World of SAP Signavio in Just 5 Days!

Day 1: Collaboration Hub Landing Page (4 hours)

Dive into the BPMN 2.0 Diagram Display

Master User Management for seamless collaboration

Day 2: Process Explorer/Manager (4 hours)

Explore real-world BPMN Sample Processes

Learn BPMN 2.0 Quick Modelling for rapid insights

Navigate through the rich features of Process Explorer

Days 3 & 4: Process Intelligence & Insights (Signavio Enterprise License Required) (8 hours)

Connect Signavio to SAP ERP – ECC or S/4 Hana and other Legacy Systems

Harness the Power of Data Sources for Data Analytics

Unlock the Potential of Custom SigNAL Language

Day 5: Participant Q&A Session (4 hours)

Post-Training Assessment Exam (Each participant has the opportunity to take two examination attempts within one-month of training program completion)

Your chance to get answers to all your burning questions in a friendly and interactive session!

Course Duration: 20 Hours to Transform Your Expertise!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, this course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel in the world of ETL and Business Intelligence. 

Join us on this exciting journey to supercharge your skills with SAP Signavio.

Why BPX for SAP Signavio Trainings?

The predominant rationale for choosing BPX for Signavio training is that BPX is SAP-certified partner.

Expertise: Being a certified partner is a testimonial of the expertise BPX commands over the software. Obtaining training from BPX can open up new avenues of success for transitions and improvements.

Support: BPX, a Signavio-certified company, offers support on various levels including training, consulting, and maintenance.


BPX will provide a “Certificate of Participation” to all individuals who attend the Signavio training sessions. 

Participants who attain a score of 80% or higher in the “Post-Training Assessment” administered by BPX will receive a “Certificate of Appreciation” in recognition of their outstanding performance. 

Each participant has the opportunity to take the training twice within one-month of training program completion.  

This training program shall facilitate the participant to prepare for “SAP Signavio” certifications eaxm conducted by SAP. Click here, for more information on the SAP Certification & Examination. 

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