Case Studies | Process Mapping at Specialty Chemical Industry

Client Profile

  • Headquarters: Germany
  • Global Presence: Multiple manufacturing plants worldwide
  • Employees: 1,000+
  • Revenue: US$ 250 Million
  • Initiative: Transitioning to SAP S/4HANA
  • Recent Development: Acquisition of a Swiss company

Problem Statement

Process Harmonization across all entities globally

RACI (especially at a newly acquired manufacturing plant)

Mapping & developing centralized process repository across all departments of all entities globally

Solution : Process Mapping

  • 210 Processes Mapped as per BPMN2.0 standards across:
    – E2E processes i.e. The procedures involve Plan to Manufacture, Procurement to Payment, and Order to Revenue.
    – Support Functions: IT, HR
  • Identified High Risk Areas
  • Value – Usage Scenarios: At the core of any successful process initiative, there must be a clearly defined usage scenario whereby the work done, and assets delivered generate value. As such, the first step of the mobilisation was to define how the repository would be used to the benefit of the organisation.
  • Content: They recognized that across the organization there were thousands of processes and it would not be pragmatic to model them in their entirety. As such, a value-driven approach to process discovery was deployed.
  • Format: Before this initiative, multiple sections of the business had recorded process information in various formats, with no overarching standards or methodology. This meant that there was no consistency between these teams/people, with no common understanding of the process data requirements or the model layouts used – everyone was talking process but doing so in different languages!
  • Governance: Consistency and control are key long-term success factors for a process repository because they ensure ongoing alignment between the process assets and the rest of the organisation – an effective governance approach satisfies both needs.
  • Tool/Usability: The organisation had already decided on a repository management tool, basing this choice on a detailed evaluation performed by an affiliate. BPM-D have previously, however, facilitated the evaluation of repository  management tools to enable an informed and unbiased decision at other organisations.


RACI Matrix

Across 210 processes of 05 Entities for 90+ roles and 2455 activities

IT System Usage Matrix

Across 210 processes of 05 Entities for 90+ roles and 2455 activities

45 Manual High-Risk Activities

Identified for Automation

Centralized Process Repository

Developed for Process Owners and Key Users across 05 entities

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