Back Office Outsourcing Services

Riding on the Pareto Principle, the majority of our resources go into tasks or activities whose contribution is disproportionately small in the final desired output. This could mean a lot in business. Every hour and every penny spent onto something could have also been spent somewhere else. So, where or what are you spending your time and money in business? Are you focusing on your business goals and investing your resources in the right areas of business? Or are your back office operations pulling you and your business back in seen and unseen ways? Freeing up your resources by outsourcing your back office operations can prove to be a masterstroke for your business.
Back Office Outsourcing Services
Why outsource to India

Why outsource to India?

India has always been a favorite outsourcing destination of the western world and many companies offer back-office services in the country. Back office outsourcing has evolved and you get many specialized back-office outsourcing services in India today. The question is not just about cost but also the quality of work that you get when your business teams up with a qualified crew of professionals.

BPX’s Back Office Business Process Outsourcing Services

Back Office Accounts Management Services
Back Office Business Process Outsourcing Services
By outsourcing your accounting services to us, you not only get your back office work done but you also free up the mental faculties of your accounts or finance professionals and can engage them in core business areas.
Back Office Human Resource Management Services
Back Office Human Resource Management Services
The various Back Office Human Resource Management Services that we provide are listed below
Back Office Marketing Services
Back office marketing errands can be quite distracting. Considering this need, BPX provides the following back office business services in the domain of marketing:
Back Office Marketing Services

The BPX edge

BUSINESS PROCESS XPERTS (BPX) is one of the reputed back-office outsourcing companies based in India. We provide many back office management services like back office financial services, back office human resource services, personal assistants, back office data management, back office marketing, back office payroll management, back office accounting services, and similar other back-office services.
By outsourcing your non-core, tedious and repetitive back office tasks to a professional back office process outsourcing company like BPX, you can free up your valuable resources and redirect them towards your core and high-value projects. Imagine the amount of productive time and money your business could save.
Being process-driven is a part of BPX’s operational philosophy. We believe in creating robust SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) which helps us ensure that the operational standards are maintained at every stage.
One of the best things with outsourcing your back office management services to a company which is based in a time zone different than yours is that your regular office staff can delegate the work to the back office service team before leaving the office and when they come back the next morning the tasks would stand completed.
Our administrative assistants and data entry specialists will work at the wee hours so that your business can function 24×7. Moreover, outsourcing your back-office operations to BPX means that you will always have a team on standby to ensure that you do not feel the heat of the back-office ops especially during the peak seasons.
Our expert back office support services will stretch to aid your business scale up operations.
Having worked with several businesses from diverse industries has helped us gain rich and enviable domain knowledge and expertise in the back office processes of multiple industries.
We utilize this knowledge and expertise by making our processes more efficient and effective at every possibility. We not only act as our client’s back office team but also as their process consultants and pitch in with our ideas whenever we feel that our ideas can be of value to clients’ businesses.

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