Web Development Services

What is Web Development?
Web development is nothing but the process of developing a website. For a business, its website is the most basic, conventional platform for its online presence just like a physical store in a tangible or offline form.
Web development and digital marketing
In the 21st century, a website is a crucial platform and a tool for a business enterprise for exercising its digital marketing endeavors starting from attracting customers by providing value content, to creating and shaping customers’ shopping journey and experiences. Thus, the process behind the creation of a website i.e. web development assumes strategic significance for businesses.
Web Development Services
Why outsource web development
Why outsource web development?
Does your business have the IT team for web development? Yes? Then, consider outsourcing only if you cannot get it done in-house. Sometimes, that is also a possibility for reasons like businesses may not want to overburden their existing staff (preoccupied with existing projects) or maybe the required/advanced skill-sets are lacking.
Building/expanding an in-house IT team and getting the new/additional IT resources will cost. Consider if you could avoid putting a strain on your business budget and choose outsourcing which is often an economical alternative.

As a business owner, do you possess sufficient and up-to-date knowledge of programming and coding that goes into web development? Outsourcing can help you here in getting the desired website built with the desired performance from your outsourcing partner without you having to fuss about the technical inputs and focusing only on the output that you want – the desired website with the desired performance and flexibilities.

Why outsource web development to India?
India has emerged as a favorite offshore destination for western companies looking for web development outsourcing. Some of the strongest reasons behind this are India’s proven track record in IT outsourcing, wide availability of qualified IT professionals, language proficiency and a young and vibrant workforce.
The scenario of web development outsourcing in India has evolved and you can now find plenty of web development companies offering outsourcing services in India.
As there are so many Indian web development outsourcing companies out there, choosing the correct company can prove to be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.
Why BPX?
BPX provides expert web development projects outsourcing services. At BPX, we believe in keeping a laser focus on customer satisfaction and hence we get involved in the entire process of web development and do not constrain ourselves with only the technical part.
BPX provides a wide array of web development services which include WordPress development, Magento development, Shopify development, and Python Oscar website development.
We have hands-on experience of working with e-commerce companies and by virtue of this experience, we know what works and what doesn’t on an e-commerce website. By hiring BPX, you not only get an expert website development partner but also a professional ecommerce consultant.

BPX’s Web Development Services

WordPress Development
Wordpress is one of the most popular website development platforms across the world. Web development with WordPress provides you advantages such as
Woo Commerce Development Services
Experts at BPX will harness the power of WordPress to develop a beautiful and customized website for your business. By outsourcing your web development work to BPX you can ensure that your high-quality WordPress website gets ready within a short frame of time.
We provide the following services under the umbrella of WordPress website development
Magento Development
Magento Development
Magento has risen exponentially in popularity as an e-commerce platform since its launch in 2008. Leading brands such as Ford, Samsung, Dockers, and Olympus have chosen Magento as their preferred platform for web development.
The advantages that Magento provides as a web development platform are listed below:
At par with any premier web development outsourcing companies in India, BPX provides expert Magento web development solutions which include.
Shopify Development
As yet another chartbuster e-commerce platform, building your website on Shopify has many advantages like:
Shopify Development
At BPX, we aid our clients in setting up a fully-functional Shopify web store with all the bells and whistles. Our ability to build a customized Shopify website according to the needs of the end customers has enabled us to build a reputation of being one of the best web development projects outsourcing companies in India.
We provide the following Shopify web development services:
Python Oscar Website Development
Python Oscar Website Development
Python Oscar is an e-commerce framework that allows programmers to use the functionalities of Python in building better e-commerce web applications. Many programmers prefer the simplicity of python as a web programming language. Many reputed brands like Carlsberg, Meridian Audio, Chocolate Box and TATA, have used the Python Oscar platform for their web development needs.
Python Oscar provides many benefits like:
BPX is emerging as a leading player in Python Oscar web development genre by providing robust websites built on the platform, in record time.
We provide the following Python Oscar web development services:
On an ending note, a website is the first thing that an online customer sees about your company. It has the potential to make or break your company’s brand in the mind of a potential customer. At BPX, we will handle all your web development needs efficiently, and help you in creating a state-of-the-art website which will be an apt showcase of your company’s vision and commitment.

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