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With an increasing number of companies opting for SAP services, it becomes imperative to be well-versed in the system. This may be an uphill task at times for some enterprises; therefore, SAP AMS Support becomes essential.

SAP AMS providers can be crucial in helping you achieve the best out of your SAP investment. They do this by providing a comprehensive range of services to support your SAP ecosystem.

What is SAP AMS Support?

SAP AMS Support, also known as Application Management Services Support, is an exhaustive set of services. It helps organizations keep their SAP systems running optimally. 

There are several areas where the SAP AMS providers can make a huge difference. From offering technical support to administering and monitoring systems, AMS providers strive to keep the processes aligned with the customer’s goals. 

SAP AMS providers are exceptionally beneficial to companies that do not have enough internal teams of experts to manage their SAP systems on their own. They can outsource SAP support to a qualified and certified partner to ensure better performance and outcomes.

Benefits of SAP AMS Support

Businesses can experience a range of advantages when they hire an AMS consultant. The primary benefits of the SAP AMS Support are as follows:

  • Reduced costs: Outsourcing the tasks to a qualified partner can be beneficial in the way that it can free up the internal resources of the company. This could help them save costs. 
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: When companies receive support for tasks such as monitoring and administration, they witness improvement in efficiency and productivity.
  • Mitigated risks: Security patching and compliance reporting are some activities where the AMS providers can assist customers in mitigating risks.
  • Scaled businesses: SAP AMS providers efficiently offer support to manage and enhance the SAP environment. This eventually results in scaling their businesses.
  • Increased performance: Performance and uptime of the system are adroitly maintained by the AMS provider. Through continuous monitoring and support, AMS providers ensure that the system keeps running smoothly.

Better Agility: Change management and other such tasks can be accomplished in a sorted way with the help of a SAP AMS provider. This leads to the companies witnessing enhanced agility.

Who Should Use SAP AMS Support?

We have observed an increased utilization of the SAP systems in daily business operations by enterprises across the world. With the frequent adoption of SAP systems, while the business operations have been simplified, there can be times when businesses experience tough times. This could be related to technical aspects or operational aspects of the SAP system.

This is where the SAP AMS providers come into the picture. Therefore, we can conveniently say that any organization that utilizes the SAP system may require AMS support. SAP AMS support can be extremely beneficial for the companies that are going through the following:

  • Companies that do not have internal expertise to manage the SAP systems on their own
  • Companies that are looking to reduce the cost of SAP support
  • Companies that are seeking to improve the productivity of their SAP systems
  • Companies that are experiencing risks and are looking to mitigate them
  • Companies that need support for their SAP environment to grow with them
  • Companies that are seeking to scale their business

Speaking of company size, all kinds of businesses, whether they are large enterprises or small/medium-sized companies may require the services of AMS providers.

SMBs: Small and medium-sized businesses do not always have internal resources for efficient management of their SAP system. Without an AMS provider, they would have to invest huge amounts of dollars in a competent and skilled in-house IT team for managing SAP systems. 

Large Enterprises: Large environments may face the problems of complex SAP environments. This could pose a huge challenge for them. Overcoming this challenge can help them eliminate risks and pave the way for enhanced productivity.

Organizations in regulated industries: Healthcare and finance are some sectors that are heavily regulated. They are constantly on their toes to align their processes in compliance with the latest laws and regulations. SAP AMS support can catalyze the compliance process for them and keep them away from any unforeseen and unwanted problems.


Let’s go through some points that are frequently asked about.

Before moving ahead, we must understand that the AMS process is not a one-size-fits-all process. It varies based on the needs of the customers. Yet, the general process in the SAP AMS support model can be summarized through the following steps:

  • Assessment: The AMS provider starts by learning about the needs and requirements of the customer’s SAP environment. This includes reviewing the customer’s SAP system and processes.
  • Planning: Once the requirements of the customers are known, the AMS provider develops a plan for delivering services. 
  • Implementation: Once the developed plan is agreed upon by the customer, it is then implemented by the AMS provider.  

Delivery: In this stage, the AMS provider then delivers the AMS service on an ongoing basis to the customer.

AMS activities in SAP are all aimed at making the tasks more goal-oriented. These are processes that enhance and support the SAP system at the customer’s end. The activities can be broadly categorized into the following areas:

  • Technical support: When the customer encounters any errors or problems, the AMS team helps them resolve those issues. 
  • Release management: This process includes planning and executing releases of new versions of SAP.
  • Change management: This process includes managing changes to the SAP environment in a controlled manner. 
  • Training: The AMS providers provide training to the SAP users at the customer’s place to help them get the most out of the SAP system.
  • Consulting: AMS providers also offer consulting services to help their customers improve SAP processes and best practices.
  • Project Management: The overall implementations, upgrades, and migrations apart from the other activities in the project are the areas where the AMS providers can help.

SAP Application Management Services or AMS can help companies make the most of their SAP investments. They help them address some of the biggest challenges such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Increasing costs
  • Shortage of talent within the company
  • Technical support
  • Lack of expertise in handling SAP technical issues

If you are looking for a SAP AMS consultant to get more value out of your SAP investment, BPX can guide you in the process. Being a SAP AMS partner, BPX can help you establish your goals swiftly.

While the SAP AMS roles and responsibilities can vary based on the customer requirements, here is a glimpse of what they can help you with. 

  • System administration and monitoring: AMS providers usually provide round-the-clock system admin and monitoring services. This is done to ensure that the client’s SAP environment is working smoothly without experiencing any hitches.
  • Technical Support: AMS providers offer technical support to their customers. This way, they ascertain that the customers’ issues are resolved quickly.
  • Application development: AMS providers can help customers to develop new SAP applications. Additionally, they can modify the existing applications with the help of AMS providers.
  •  Performance optimization: AMS providers know and understand the SAP system very well, therefore, they can help the customer optimize the performance of their SAP system. This further drives efficiency and enhances productivity.
  • Compliance reporting: AMS providers are well-versed with the latest regulations and standards. Therefore, they can help their customers to remain compliant and also provide them with compliance reporting services.

Security updates: AMS providers are instrumental in helping their customers know about the latest security updates about the SAP system.

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