Offshore Business Process Outsourcing

(E-Commerce, Distribution, Retail, Warehouse)

The Indian retail market is growing at a breakneck speed. With the retail market set to reach $170 billion by 2030, India is too important of a market to be ignored.
But it is a market which has proven to be a tough nut to crack. The failure of huge online retailers like eBay is a classic example of a foreign company failing to decode the Indian market.
India is a complex market, with different needs and preferences being seen across this huge country.
Offshore Business Process Outsourcing
You will have a better chance of succeeding in the Indian market when you have an experienced Indian partner working in cohesion with you.

At BPX (Business Process Xperts) we have vast experience in dealing with Indian customers. We have helped countless businesses in achieving their goals. We can help your brand in gaining a firm footing in the Indian market.

We provide the following services.
E-commerce Outsourcing

1. E-commerce Outsourcing:

Our experts will help you in managing your web store and marketplace so that you can derive optimum benefits from it. Being in the online retail industry for many years we know the nuances of the Indian online retail industry. We will use our expertise in setting up your online store and help your brand gain traction quickly in the Indian market.
E-commerce Outsourcing
YRC has extensive knowledge of promoting brands on various online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart which are two of the most popular e-commerce platforms in India. We will help in spreading awareness about your brand.
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2. Warehouse Outsourcing

We shall maintain proper levels of inventory of your product through proficient warehouse management. We have helped many clients in maintaining optimum levels of inventory and hence possess the requisite skill set to properly manage a warehouse. Our inventory management team will ensure an optimum flow of inbound as well as outbound inventory. We use state of the art technology like bar-coding to know the exact location of your product in the warehouse helping in stock management. We will handle the management of warehouse personnel as well as maintaining system data. Packaging, supply chain, and logistics management shall also be taken care of by the YRC team.
Warehouse Outsourcing
Channel Partner Enablement

3. Channel Partner Enablement

We all know the importance of a proper distribution network in the success of a business. There is no point in having a great product if the customer cannot have timely access to it.
Channel Partner Enablement
In India, there are around 28 states and 9 union territories currently all of them having their state laws. Setting up a distribution network in India requires a vast amount of experience of doing business in India. We shall help in setting up and maintaining a robust distribution network for your product.

4. Retail Outsourcing

Not only will we help you in setting up online channels of sales, but we shall also even guide your business in setting up a brick and mortar retail store in India. Although online retail sales are growing in India, Brick and mortar retail sales still account for around 90% of retail sales in India. Hence it is a good idea to have a physical presence in the Indian market. Our experts will manage your store for you which includes inventory management, training the staff, looking after sales and accounting.
Retail Outsourcing

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