Payroll - HR Outsourcing Services

At BPX, managing human resources is not a headache or a burden; we see human resources as an invaluable asset and driver of business growth and operations, not just for us, but for every other business enterprise. And the way we do it for others is the way we do it for ourselves – best practices, process- driven, and goal – oriented
As BPX, we see ourselves as one of the rising global HR Outsourcing companies in India.
Payroll - HR Outsourcing Services
Recruitment assistance

1. Recruitment assistance:

We understand the significance of being process-oriented in conducting recruitment. To have the right people on board, businesses need to design its recruitment process accordingly, right from sourcing to on-boarding. Selecting the right people for the right job is absolutely essential for achieving success in any business. With so many talented candidates to choose from it becomes difficult to choose the right people for the right job. We carry out the recruitment task for our clients following a robust process with stringent procedures with an understanding of clients’s business requirements.
Recruitment assistance

We approach the process of recruitment in a scientific manner. We have pre- designed QMS (Quality Management Systems) for selecting the right talent as per the job description.

Conducting psychometric and graphology analysis is one part of an elaborate process of recruitment. This ensures that the right candidate is selected at the right position making him/her a productive member of the team right away.

2. Performance Management System:

Review the performance right and don’t disturb the ‘performance’. But say, for example, at end of the year or in the midst of an on-going project, completing PMS may sound like going fishing while there’s a fire in the backyard. Also, a fisherman cannot be reviewed on the same parameters as a fire-fighter. BPX develops the right performance review solutions for business enterprises and implement it optimally.
Payroll Processing

3.Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is mechanical in nature in the sense that it mostly involves extracting numerical information and doing accounting calculations. Given its non-core, mechanical and recurring nature, it becomes vital to outsource payroll processing to payroll service providers who can utilize their domain expertise and technological platforms for payroll processing.
No doubt that payroll outsourcing and payroll services in India as well as in other economically vibrant economies have already taken a hot seat which has also led to a surge of payroll outsourcing companies in India and elsewhere.
Payroll Processing
BPX is an offshore outsourcing company which provides payroll processing services towards delivering error-free payroll calculations, disbursal and reporting to clients’ specifications.

Why Outsource HR?

Focus on core activities

As a business entity, it might be tempting to have HR under your absolute control after all human resources are so critically important. But is HR your core business activity? If not, then HR is only an assisting function or a non- core activity to your business. And we believe that the core business activities deserve more focus over the non-core activities which can be taken care of by outsourcing service experts.
Access to HR expertise
“HR may be a non-core activity to your business but for an HR outsourcing service provider, HR is their core business activity.”
Why Outsource HR
They invest into making themselves one of the best in the business.Their expertise is always at disposal to be checked and tried out before going for a full-scale outsourcing.
Building in-house HR can be taxing
Building an in-house HR platform can be a daunting task for the top executives as it will demand their focus and attention until the base is good to go. Getting soaked into non-core business activities in such a way can be quite taxing for the top brass, who could otherwise focus on brand- building strategies, product and market development, strategic alliances and so on.
Why invest into non-core recurring processes!!
Carrying out some of the recurring HR processes like recruitment and payroll involves hiring, training and retaining a full-scale HR staff. In the long run, that may not be a very cost-effective option keeping in mind the annual salary bill.
Reap from technologies without getting into it
There’s always a hefty price tag attached to any good HRM software application available in the market today. Then, there are employee training costs involved. The existing IT assets like the computers/laptops may have to be upgraded. Without stepping into the sea of software applications and the tangles of wires and cables, an eligible HR outsourcing service associate can execute its clients’ HR processes using modern-day technologies.

Why Outsource HR Services to India?

Wide availability of qualified workforce​
In India, there’s no dearth of qualified and educated professionals. There are millions of graduates and post graduates students passing out of colleges and universities every year. And there are millions of existing working professionals.
We are a country of beginners, learners, dreamers and achievers
The entrepreneurs, business leaders and the working professionals here in India are as competitive as anywhere else in the “We don’t mind starting our careers or businesses with humble beginnings. We take pride in telling whom we work for or who our clients are. We love to see our clients’ holidaying. We will spare time to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills
Being bilingual

No doubt that proficiency in the English language gives an edge in today’s business environment and job market. But what is often left unsaid is that an average educated Indian can speak at least two languages and one of them being the English language. Being bilingual has its own set of perks. It can help acquire new perspectives. It can make one better with cognitive abilities, decision-making, multi-tasking and problem-solving skills. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

“India is the world’s second most entrepreneurial country in the world”
– The Global Entrepreneur Monitor data

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