Case Studies | Process Mining for Order to Cash at Building Material Manufacturing Company

Client Profile

  • Headquarters: India
  • Employees: 800
  • Revenue: US$ 9.45 Million
  • Initiative: Process Improvement
  • Recent Development: S4/HANA Roll-out

Problem Statement

Many acquisitions over its long history, which had created many disjointed processes

Complex set of systems stretching across 12 core countries, making it difficult to analyse and improve its workflows

Needed more visibility into process automation of repeatable processes

Solution : Process Mapping

  • Process Mining for all Order-To-Cash, wherein 90,000+ cases were evaluated
  • Conducted Process Investigation and Process Blockers Identified
  • RPI (Rapid Process Improvement) workshop with process owners
  • Process Conformance with SAP Business Process Blueprint
  • With a good foundation for traditional BPM established, the company identified process mining as an emerging technology which could further help them address their business challenges. This service connects to the client’s production systems and monitors how they are used, retrieving performance data that it can feed into the BPM tool. It provides process modelers with data-driven insights into the functionality of crucial business processes, pinpointing performance or cost bottlenecks indicative of potential areas for enhancement.
  • Our team configured connectors for the company’s Order-to-Cash process. These connectors autonomously supplied data to the process mining tool on a daily basis, empowering the client to analyze the data and extract valuable insights. This was successful and they realised that they could unlock more value by extending the process mining over more processes.
  • This was critical for the client to baseline performance across different countries in preparation for the S/4HANA roll-out. It could aid in identifying the specific functional changes and customizations necessary for each country to accommodate their end-to-end processes within the new system.
  • Our team collaborated with the client’s business analysts, senior stakeholders in the process, and application engineers to outline the framework for the process mining setup and define Key Performance Indicator (KPI) parameters. We then developed and implemented the connectors so that they fed live data into the process mining platform. We verified the resulting data with process owners across various regions. 
  • Finally, we created mining dashboards that executives could use to quickly access key process information, comparing KPI performance by region, office, and case category.



Pain Points Identified across all E2E Processes


Automation Activities Initiated


Reduction in Price Changes while SO Creation


Reduction in Overdue Payments


Reduction in SO Rejection


Improvement in On-Time Delivery

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