Case Studies | Enabling SAP implementation through process at Automobile OEM Manufacturing Company

Client Profile

  • Headquarters: India
  • Employees: 4000+
  • Revenue: US$
  • Initiative: Efficiency in ERP Implementation
  • Recent Development: S4 HANA Roll-out

Problem Statement

As-Is Process Mapping

Prepare To-Be Process Blueprint for S4 Hana Implementation

Identify Process Bottleneck in S4 Hana Implementation

Solution : Process Mapping

  • 225 SAP-relevant As-is processes were documented within an aggressive timeline of 50 days
  • 10 Attributes Captured against 2500 activities within 225 processes (Step Description, Input, Output, Timelines, Distribution, Activity Owner, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Tool, Templates)
  • Processes mapped across all processes of SAP Modules i.e. MM, SD, FICO, PP, PM, QM, HR
  • We defined a new operating model and established a process taxonomy.
  • The repository was meticulously configured, and the core team received comprehensive training.
  • We efficiently transformed input content into accurate business process models.
  • Rigorous validation with subject matter experts was conducted through a series of interviews and feedback processes.
  • The completed processes were effectively disseminated, and users underwent comprehensive training in anticipation of the facilitated rollout. 
  • The SAP rollout was not only successful but also executed with remarkable speed and efficiency.
  • Process models provided invaluable clarity on the newly adopted operational approach.
  • Training and rollout materials were thoughtfully crafted with a distinct focus on the business perspective, rather than solely IT-oriented content.
  • A user-centric structure was implemented, placing a strong emphasis on fostering collaboration and engagement. Our efforts resulted in heightened engagement with both processes and the SAP Signavio platform.
  • The organisation diligently maintained ISO compliance standards throughout the transformation process.


90% Risk Reduction in New ERP Implementation Failure Rate

25% Timeline Reduction to Go-Live with New ERP

56 Mismatch Activities

Identified in current practices and the new system’s functionality which could not implemented

45 Amended Activities

As per new systems functionality

99% Business Transparency

With well-defined process repository

45 Manual Activities Eliminated

Within new systems functionality

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