Business Process Outsourcing to India

Getting a hang of business process outsourcing…..

Keeping the definitions aside, business process outsourcing is not just about letting someone else proxy for you. It is a recognized and proven business strategy to make your business move faster.

Remember those group assignments presentations from college or university days? We used to let the best communicator do the most of the talking. We used to let the most studious one do the research. The other two did all that remained in between. The same is true for businesses with the difference that now we let our outsourcing partners do what they do the best and we do what we do the best.

India as a BPO destination

India is a veteran and has seized an unrivaled slot in business process outsourcing. For the last two decades or so, the business process outsourcing industry in India has been catering to a large number of businesses from around the world from diverse industries like insurance, retail, banking, finance, etc.

Cost efficiency is not enough

People talk about cost-efficiency. But only with cost-efficiency, India’s dominance in the global BPO space would not have been possible. Without delivery, cost-efficiency would be meaningless. That’s where some of the mature and rising Indian BPO companies are nailing it home.

Not just English proficiency

Along with proficiency in the English language, the professional workforce in India is also proficient with at least one another language. This is important to be mentioned because being bilingual or multilingual has a positive impact on problem-solving skills, and multitasking and decision-making abilities of the speaker (Read more here: BBC Future and Psychology Today). Besides English-proficiency, the underlying benefits stemming from being bilingual or multilingual gives the professional individuals and businesses in India an edge over their Asian or European counterparts.

Time Zone Advantages

Because of the time zone differences with India, companies based on the other side of the globe say in the U.S. or the U.K. can benefit from it. India is ahead of New York by 10 hours 30 minutes and by 5 hours and 30 minutes in case of the U.K. This margin of difference in time can help companies based in these countries stay ahead of their respective domestic competition by outsourcing their business processes to India.

some important BPO Services you can avail in India

Digital Marketing   HR   Cloud Financial Management
  ECommerce     Back-Office     Cyber Security     Bookkeeping  
Analytics & Insights   Customer Support     Customer Support   Data Entry

Need a list of BPO companies in India?

Starting from the ones in the top league to the rising players, there’s no dearth of BPO companies in India. What matters is which outsourcing partner suits your business requirements the best. Even if you have a list of India’s best BPO companies and none of them could answer your business requirements, then that list is of no use. A better alternative is to do your research and visiting the official webpages of the BPO companies to get a better idea of the services offered by them from where you can take it forward.

India’s IT-BPO market is slated to hit USD 285 billion by the year 2020 and the ever-increasing role of IT and digital technologies in business further fuels the growth expectations for the BPO industry in India in 2020. Because of the favorable business environment, outsourcing work to India is becoming an increasingly viable option.


Some important BPO Services you can avail in India
BPX internal

BPO Industry in India

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