Amazon Listing Services

Amazon currently holds the title of being the largest e-commerce store in the world with its revenue touching 232.89 billion US dollars.
As per the latest statistics, there are currently around 5 million third-party sellers listed on Amazon.
Many entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves in the online domain by opening a store on Amazon.
Succeeding in a competitive marketplace like Amazon requires a high level of skills in various business functions. One of them is product placement.
Listing your product on Amazon in a manner that is both easy to find and attractive is essential for ensuring the success of your business.
Availing Amazon product listing services from experts will help you in the genre of product placement.
Many companies have been outsourcing data entry projects from the USA to India. Data entry of products on marketplaces is one of the main services for which these companies outsource.
BPX (Business Process Xperts) is a pioneering retail consulting company based in India. We started operations in 2012 and since then have helped more than 500+ companies in taking their business to new heights online.
Having helped many businesses we know and understand the best practices which one needs to follow in order to be successful in online selling. We achieve success by systematically following and implementing these best practices in the business of our client we work with. We call these best practices as SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) or process manual. If your business already has implemented such SOPs without much success, then we shall help in reviewing and upgrading the SOPs to make sure that they are aligned with the best practices currently prevailing in the industry.
BPX provides e-commerce product data entry Services. We provide the following services in this domain.
  • Classify and categorize your products under appropriate categories so that your customers can easily find their favorite products
  • Updating the inventory of your products so that you do not face the situation of stock out
  • Building a good product description which includes various product characteristics like color, shape, size, etc which helps in attracting the visitors to your store
  • Uploading and editing images of your products in order to make sure that they are attractive
  • Adding SEO friendly keywords for your products
  • Updating various promotional offers, discounts, coupons and reward points
  • Adding various products from your range to your Amazon Store
  • Deleting old and obsolete products from your product range
  • Offline data entry work
Amazon Listing Services
Our virtual research assistants will also help in identifying patterns based on customer behavior within your product catalog. They will then suggest and make the necessary changes in your product catalog to improve sales.
We at BPX are a complete e-commerce solutions provider company who apart from providing professional Amazon listing services are also adept at providing services like HR process management, supply chain and logistics management, marketing and sales management, customer relationship management and accounting services management. Thus BPX has the required capability to prove to be a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs.
Outsourcing your Amazon product upload services to us will not only boost your sales but also give you spare time to focus on your business. Like all the business functions and processes we manage, we have an SOP for managing product entry services also.
We at BPX always keep the end customer at the center while devising any strategy. Through years of experience, we know that delighting your customers is the most important part of our job.
Remember that your Amazon marketplace is the face of your business and poor product listing management will leave you red-faced.
BPX is not just a data entry services company but a full-fledged e-commerce retail consulting house, BPX brings not only expertise in terms of data entry management but also an unparalleled expertise in the domain of e-commerce web store management.

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